State of Arizona Forms in Word

Form No. Form Title Price Buy Now
A-4 Employee’s Arizona Witholding Percentage Election (ADOR 91-0041) $12.99

  Arizona New Hire Reporting Form $12.99

Arizona Worker’s Compensation Forms in Word

Links are to State of Arizona Pages and Free PDFs Price Buy Now

• ICA 04-0407 Worker’s Report of Injury – File a Claim under Workers’ Compensation $12.99

Petition to Reopen a Claim $12.99

Petition to Rearrange or Readjust Compensation $12.99

Request to Change Doctors $12.99

Request to Leave the State $12.99

Request a Hearing $12.99

Request Dependents’ Benefits (in Case of a Worker’s Fatality) $12.99

File a Report of Injury (If You Are an Employer) $12.99

File a Report of Injury (If You Are a Worker) $12.99

File a Worker’s Rejection of Terms of Az Workers’ Compensation $12.99

File a Worker’s Revocation of Rejection of Terms of Az Workers’ Compensation $12.99

File a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Agreement $12.99

File a Sole Proprietor / Independent Contractor Statement $12.99

Read About Significant Exposure to Bodily Fluids. Get Form and Posters. $12.99

Obtain Posters [ What posters are employers required to post? ] N/A N/A

Workers’ Compensation Law Compliance/La ley de Compensación para las Trabajadores $12.99

Work Exposure to Bodily Fluids (HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis "C") $12.99

Work Exposure to MRSA, Spinal Meningitis, and Tuberculosis (TB) $12.99

Obtain information only (not including forms or posters) about . . . N/A N/A

Gradual Injury $12.99

Independent Medical Evaluations $12.99

Loss of Job $12.99

Permanent Impairment or Loss of Earning Capacity $12.99

Permanent Loss of Teeth $12.99

Facial Disfigurement $12.99

Uninsured Employers $12.99

Vocational Rehabilitation ("Voc Rehab" ) $12.99

Suspension of a Claim $12.99

Claims Division Annual Processing Statistics $12.99

Average Monthly Wage Statutory Maximum $12.99

How to Designate a Third-Party Administrator (TPA) $12.99

How to Search for an Employer’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance Coverage $12.99

Authorized Self-Insurance Companies (Table) $12.99

Self-Insured Employers That Direct Medical Care (Table) $12.99